Thursday, July 30, 2015

Support local farms

"Being vegan or vegetarian because of factory farming is like fighting child abuse by not having children."  Jenna Woginrich

Vote for better treatment of animals with dollars...because nothing is changed with an idea.  Buying grass-fed/pastured/humanely-raised meat, (raw) milk, cheese, eggs, honey, and local organic produce supports local agriculture, small business, and the humane treatment of livestock.  I can guarantee you that your local farmer knows where his food and livelihood come from and loves his/her animals.  He knows that uncared for animals are unhappy animals and unhappy animals are bad for business and for the world/environment.  He is one with the earth.  He could tell you things about animals that the average vegan/veggie/layperson could not begin to know.  He also knows that happy animals taste amazing.  Have you ever grilled a grass-fed beef steak that's spent its entire life doing what cows do?  HOLY MOLY!   And don't even get me started on raw milk...amazing stuff!  Local agricultural has a small footprint, works with the environment (not against it) and supports your community in ways that would blow your mind.  If you can't raise you own of God's beautiful creatures, check out farm to home systems, CSAs, farmers markets, or your next-door neighbor.  Support the raising of chickens, bees, and other small livestock in urban backyards.  Change the world with your votes and NOTHING votes louder than dollars.  Be active, not passive.