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  My name is Leah and I am the writer of this blog home.  Who am I?  In short, I am a redeemed by grace child of God, a wife to one crazyhandsome and fantastic man, a homeschooling mommy to three crazywild and wonderful kids, aspiring homesteader/micro-farmer/prepper/cob home builder, chicken lover, and plus-size (self proclaimed) fashionista.  I am a country, earthy, all-natural  girl at heart with a little piece of that same heart belonging to the big city lights.  I like big books, long walks to my bed, cozy fires with which to roast marshmallows, coffee in the morning, tea in the evening and chickens.

Redeemed by grace.  That's right.  By nothing desirable that I have done, in fact the opposite would apply, the Lord Jesus Christ looked at me, scooped me up, brushed off the mess I had created for myself, kissed my forehead, and saved me from myself and the destruction I was determined to cause.  And had I even been able to stop Him, I would not have wanted to.  Thank you, Lord, for your redemption.

Wife.  Superman and I have been married for fourteen years.  That man is AMAZING.  He is my best friend (cliché as it may sound, it is true) and the truest of partners.  He takes really good care of our little family, he is a wonderful father, and he makes me laugh every single day.  I am so proud to be his wife and the mother of his babies.  I am so thankful for him.

Mommy.  Superman and I have three crazy kids (and we want MORE).  Sissy is 13 and the sweetest teenager there ever was.  Oxymoron?  Probably.  But she really is the sweetest.  Bubba is 8 and strong-willed as can be.  Man, I love that about him and yet it is also where we butt heads.  He is a lot like me.  Lan is 5 and super quirky, in the best possible way. He is so funny without even trying and he likes things to be a certain way.  He is our clown.  Holy moly I love those kids. 

Back in 2012 we lost two pregnancies.  That, folks, was a horrible year that lead to another horrible year.  Since then we've considered adoption only to run into many a roadblock.  We are not giving up hope, but after much prayer, we have come to the conclusion that we would be OK if the three babes we have are the only three we are meant to have.  Although I suffer from a chronic case of baby-fever, we have put our reproductive lives in the very capable hands of the Father.

Homesteading.  I am slightly on the conspiracy theory side and mass production of anything makes me shaky in my really cute rubber boots.  Small steps, though.  Right now I make my own laundry detergent, we grow eggs in our urban-ish back yard, and we eat locally farm-sourced, grass-fed beef/raw milk/raw honey/chickens.  We have big plans for this homestead dream of ours like bees, gardening, goats, a family cow, rabbits, canning, soap-making, and our ultimate, a cob home built by hand.  We recently acquired six acres of land in the country and can slowly see our dreams becoming a reality.

Chickens.  Let me tell you how much I love chickens.  I have a backyard FULL of 11 ladies (hens), one gentleman (roosters), and 17 new hatchlings.  I could not be happier.  Well actually, if I had MORE chickens, I could be happier.  You will read a lot about chickens.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Fashion.  I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and at my heaviest, I weighed over 300lbs.  I have lost a huge chunk of that weight and continue to focus on my health, but as family members before me, I will never be a "skinny girl".  I am absolutely OK with that and LOVE me some fashion.  Looking good makes me feel good.  Looking bad makes me feel bad.  I stick with the good as much as possible and believe that anyone who puts effort into the way they look will be putting effort into the way they feel about themselves.  Your size doesn't matter, your attitude matters.  My motto:  Find a style you love and ROCK IT!! 

A little more.  I am a Texas lovin' girl born and raised and don't want to live anywhere else.  I have a degree in early childhood education and (almost) in English.  I have worked in education in the past and now teach my own children at home.

I like to make my home pretty, I love to cook, I sing to relieve stress, and when I find time or when the mood hits me just right, I like to be all crafty like. 

So, sit down with a big cup of coffee or tea and follow along.

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