Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The day has arrived.

Homeschooling, Day 1.

We have talked about this, worried about this, prayed about this, prepared for this, and worked for this.  Yet, somehow I'm still completely nervous. 

I spent all night in dreams about either public school or homeschool.  There are so many "what if's" and yet the excitement is there too. 

I didn't have to send my babies to school today, but I also have to teach them today. 

Sissy will not come home telling me about her friends' excessively "mature" (immature, but too grown up for them, may be a better description) conversations, but she may decide to tell me how to do my teaching job.

Logan will not come home with a stinky attitude, but he may have an attitude about doing math work.

Landon will not sit at the front door crying not to go to school, but he may cry when the big kids have one lesson to do and his lessons are different (that little guy does not like being different than his older siblings).

It is seems so strange to be nervous.  I mean, these are MY children, right?  I gave birth to them, correct?  This isn't a classroom full of strangers, true? 

Yes, yes, and true.

But I want to do right by them, ALWAYS!

And to be completely honest, I know that I am doing right by them in this.  I know, at least for this time, this is my purpose.  These guys are my calling and I am going forth, where feet may fail me, but the Lord will sustain me. 

I am thankful that I do not need to have it 100% figured out.  I have a tendency to want exactly that, but Jesus says I can trust in Him to have it all figured out.  I must do my part, but first, trust in Him. 

So, I put it in His capable hands.  I will continue to pray and ask for guidance.  I will study and make lesson plans and change when things aren't working (so difficult for me) and do my absolute best for our children and for our family, but for the parts I'm unsure about, I will trust in my Heavenly Father to guide me.

Lord, bless our homeschooling days.  Bless our family.  Keep our focus on you.  Amen.


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